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San Antonio Lawyer

With over 20 awards from the State Bar of Texas, the quality of San Antonio Lawyer (SAL)® speaks for itself. San Antonio Lawyer® is the San Antonio Bar Association's official publication and written exclusively by legal professionals. Covering everything from legal psychology to the role of the law in political movements, SAL brings in-depth coverage of legal news, academic insights, attorney profiles and recent events to the legal industry. Click here to view our previous issues.



Subpoena, our monthly e-newsletter, is our way of ensuring that our members are up to date with the latest news and their SABA membership. Each month is packed with member news, events, awards, elections, and legal information.  Our Briefly column, allows members to make personal submissions of information about firm updates, new hires, and awards. Attorneys are also encouraged to submit their own articles for the newsletter—an effective way of getting their names out and showcasing their expertise.

Interested in submitting an article? Fill out this form here. Have a question? Email our Communications Manager at for questions.


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SABA Weekly

The SABA Weekly is a once-a-week calendar with a brief listing of the upcoming week's events, classified ads, and important announcements. Simple and to-the-point, the Weekly is a quick read to help keep each fast-paced week scheduled and organized.

If you have an event you would like for us to include in SABA Weekly, visit Add Event Form under the Calendar section on the website. For other submissions for the Weekly, fill out this form here. Have a question? Email our Communications Manager at for questions.