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Bexar County Office - Contact Information

Bexar County Courthouse
100 Dolorosa, 3rd Floor
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Office: (210) 335-1242
Fax: (210) 335-2968

The Domestic Relations Office (DRO) provides social and mental health services support, supervised visitation and neutral exchanges, cooperative parenting group classes and a visitation enforcement program to the Civil District Courts. The DRO office is located on the southwest end of the old Bexar County Courthouse on the third floor.Bexar County Courthouse



The Domestic Relations Office (DRO) provides social and mental health services support and a visitation enforcement program to the Civil District Courts in matters before them pertaining to custody and access in Suits Affecting Parent-Child Relationships.



Current Services

Consultation and Referral

Mr. Tony Neugebauer, DRO Director, is available to the individual Civil District Court Judges and at Presiding Court to consult or provide immediate intervention in complex family law matters. Referrals for mental health services related to custody and access issues, such as child custody evaluations, psychological evaluations, parent coordination, counseling and parenting classes, are available upon request.


Supervised Visitation / Neutral Child Exchange

Guardian House
Phone: (210) 733-3349

Family Service Association, Inc.
Phone: (210) 299-4494


Bexar County Shared Parenting Program

The Bexar County Domestic Relations Office, through its Bexar County Shared Parenting Program, provides intervention assistance where Bexar County non-custodial parents with final orders are experiencing access/visitation enforcement difficulties and are without the means to hire a private attorney. Assistance includes screening and assessment, access resolution, cooperative parenting, counseling and enforcement proceedings. Staff provides immediate intervention for the Civil District Courts and IV-D Masters, as well as for the Bexar County Child Support Community Supervision programs.*


Courtney Abanaka, JD, Program Facilitator
Josefina Lopez Montalvo, Program Coordinator
*This program is supported with federal funds provided by the Administration for Children and Families – Department of Health and Human Services as a part of the Texas Office of the Attorney General Access and Visitation Program.

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