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What is the SABA Lawyer Referral Service?

Since 1966, the San Antonio Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) has operated as the only certified lawyer referral service in San Antonio that provides free lawyer referrals to the public.
LRS lawyers are in good standing with the State Bar of Texas and provide free consultations.


Why should I use a certified LRS?

The State Bar of Texas has certified only thirteen lawyer referral services in Texas. The San Antonio Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service is the only certified LRS in San Antonio. Our referral attorneys are screened annually, must be in good standing with the State Bar of Texas and must carry professional liability insurance.* Attorneys are matched based on legal issue and client preference including geographic, language and board certification.
Many referral websites are operated by for-profit advertising and marketing companies and they may not necessarily have the same standards as a certified lawyer referral service.
*Criminal defense attorneys are exempt from the insurance requirement.


How do I explain my issue?

We suggest using the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN to explain your issue in one paragraph or 1-4 sentences. This will help match you to the right lawyer.


  • My mother was hit by an 18-wheeler on Jan 24 and has been in the hospital for 3 days.
  • I am opening a restaurant with my best friend and we need to set up the business.
  • My husband filed for divorce. We have 3 children and own a home and business together.
  • My wife and I want to write our wills or set up a trust. We have children from prior marriages and 2 children together. We need advice on how to set these up.


How do I find a lawyer that can help me with my issues?

For the quickest service, please use our automated online system, available 24 hours to get the names of two attorneys who match your needs HERE.

You may call an agent at 210-227-1853. Our agents are available Monday-Friday, between 9am-5pm. Hablamos Español. Los agentes están disponibles de lunes a viernes de las horas de 9am - 5pm. Please note that the agents are not lawyers and are unable to provide callers with legal advice. 


How much does LRS cost?

The San Antonio LRS is a FREE public service. LRS lawyers provide a free consultation to discuss your case and explain any legal fees and associated costs.


How long does it take to schedule a consultation?

Once provided with an attorney match, contact the attorney directly to schedule your free consultation. Most attorneys will schedule a consultation within 24 hours. Consultations typically last between 15-30 minutes.


How much do lawyers charge in fees?

Fees must be discussed directly with the lawyer. The LRS does not calculate or provide fee information. Fees are dependent on the complexity and type of legal service needed. Generally, fees may be on contingency, an hourly rate or flat fee arrangements.

CONTINGENCY FEES There are some cases that a lawyer may accept on contingency. Contingency means the law firm pays all the costs associated with a case and only collects reimbursements and a fee if you win. Personal injury, medical malpractice and certain types of labor cases are frequently contingency cases.

HOURLY RATE FEES Many lawyers bill for services at an hourly rate. Lawyers will often require a retainer fee before they will start work on a case. Family law, probate and are often billed at an hourly rate.

FLAT FEE Some lawyers may offer a flat fee for certain types of work. Most often flat fees are seen in drafting a simple will, filing a bankruptcy and certain criminal charges.


Where do I find self-service or free legal advice?

Please visit our self-service and free legal resource site HERE. Please note that most free legal service agencies have strict maximum income requirements.