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Despite its ever-increasing size, San Antonio’s bar keeps a small-town collegiality. While the days of catching up at the Esquire Bar and similar watering holes are becoming rarer by the day, the Subpoena does an excellent job of keeping people in the loop.

The Tributes section of the Subpoena serves a unique purpose in this regard. It gives everyone a space to not only remember those who have passed on, but also to announce a new addition to the family or firm, recognize the person who always goes the extra mile, or give a shout out to a colleague who just reached a professional or personal milestone. And considering the Subpoena reaches 3,200 people every month, the San Antonio Bar Foundation Tributes program, which recognizes the charitable gifts in honor of or in memory of others, is a bargain by any measure.

Donations to the Foundation may be given for all types of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, special achievements, graduations and memorials. The donations you give as tributes to the important people in your life will help support the charitable works of the San Antonio Bar Foundation.

Your donation will be highlighted in the Tributes section of the Subpoena, the monthly newsletter of the San Antonio Bar Association, and listed in the Foundation’s annual report. Notification of your tax-deductible contribution will be sent to the person you indicate.

Tributes Available:

In Memory
Memorialize Loved Ones

In Honor
Honor Achievements, Graduations, Father's or Mother's Day

In Celebration
Recognize Family Additions, Marriages, Birthdays

Making a Donation:

Tribute donations must be a minimum of $25. Click HERE to submit a Tribute online (credit card required). Please include Tribute type and tribute's name, the name/organization to be recognized as the giver and where you would like notification of your gift sent. Checks payable to SABF may be sent to Tributes; 100 Dolorosa, Suite 500; San Antonio, TX 78205. For more information, contact us at (210) 227-8822.