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San Antonio Bar Auxiliary: April 2019 Recap

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Acclaimed Pearl Brewery architect Jeffrey Fetzer treated the San Antonio Bar Auxiliary to a special and insightful tour of the Pearl Brewery for their meeting on March 26. Peggy Karam, Second Vice President for Programs, arranged a delicious lunch for the Bar Auxiliary at Hotel Emma’s restaurant, Supper.

Fetzer regaled the Bar Auxiliary with stories about the Koehler Family, the founders of the Pearl Brewery. Bar Auxiliary members learned about how Silver Ventures, Inc. and CEO Christopher “Kit” Goldsbury developed the complex, and about the great efforts they made to protect its history by preserving and repurposing the artifacts discovered throughout construction. Artifacts included bottling machines, cappers and brewing tanks that were converted into fixtures such as chandeliers, tables and seating, later to be repurposed throughout the Pearl. A 25,000-square-foot warehouse holds other artifacts that the developers discovered. The event complemented the Auxiliary’s February event, where Vince Michael of the San Antonio Conservation Society spoke about the preservation of San Antonio’s cultural history.  Both presentations left the Bar Auxiliary with an even greater appreciation of San Antonio and the need to preserve what makes it so unique.

Celebrate Our Future is the theme for this year’s luncheon presenting the installation of the 2019-2020 San Antonio Bar Auxiliary officers.  The Bar Auxiliary will also honor its past presidents at the luncheon, scheduled for Monday, May 13 at the historic Argyle Club. The Bar Auxiliary would like to congratulate its incoming officers and looks forward to another great year.

President:  Dorothy Schulze

First Vice-President: Rachel Sakai

Second Vice-President: Peggy Karam

Third Vice-President: Carolyn Clark

Fourth Vice-President: Dodi Manning

Treasurer: Melissa Richard

Recording Secretary: Rita Thompson

Corresponding Secretary: Linda Van Gaasbeck

Historian: Sandra Grubbs

Parliamentarian: Appointed by the Presiden

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