Law Library & Bibliotech

Bexar County Law Library
100 Dolorosa, 5th Floor
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Phone: (210) 335-3189

Presiding Waiting Area & Copy Center
100 Dolorosa, 1st Floor (across from elevator bank)
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Phone: (210) 335-3182

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
Closed weekends and county holidays

The BiblioTech: Bexar County Digital Library is also available, free to the public. Find more information at

NOTE: Staff can provide general information about the library, but cannot answer legal questions.


Jimmy Allison
Head Library

Amanda Albiar
Copy Operator

Cyndi Perez
Account Clerk

Jeremy Robichaux
Law Library Clerk

David Zaragoza
Law Library Clerk

About the Library & Copy Center

The Bexar County Law Library provides the bench, bar, governmental agencies and the public with cost-effective access to the most recent statutes, case law and the best available commentary regarding legal issues.

The Bexar County Law Library has served Bexar County as a depository for legal materials since 1988. By maintaining local ordinances, legislative and administrative publications, legal treatises, encyclopedias and legal periodicals and reports that reflect state and federal activity, the Law Library serves the legal research needs of the Greater San Antonio Area.

By using the Bexar County Library and Copy Center, you are agreeing to the Library Code of Conduct.

How the Library Staff Can Serve You

What they can do:

  • Make referrals to proper agencies
  • Direct public to sources of law and forms
  • Make available legal materials and form pleadings
  • Assist with base-level computer and internet usage

What they cannot do:

  • Give legal advice
  • Do legal research
  • Interpret statutes, cases, regulations or forms
  • State opinions on legal issues
  • Select specific forms
  • Choose language for forms
  • Type any documents
  • Provide office supplies

NOTE: If you choose to represent yourself and not hire a lawyer, you are responsible for researching and preparing any and all legal documents necessary for your case. Law Library Staff cannot assist you with these matters or provide any explanations for forms or give any advice about your case.

Fees & Services

Copying, Printing and Scanning

Copies/printouts are $0.20 per copy (per side)
Emailed scans are now available*

Internet Access

Computer usage is free of charge
All drives have been disabled to prevent virus infections (including CD-Rom and flash drives)
30-minute limit on computer usage if there is a waiting list
Law Library Staff reserves the right to control access to the computers

*Please note, faxing is no longer available to the general public.