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Join* the Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) and build your practice with referrals. Whether you are starting a new practice or expanding your client base, the LRS can be beneficial to you.

We refer cases in all fields of law: administrative, bankruptcy, civil rights, collections, commercial law, corporation, criminal law, deceptive trade practice/consumer, estate/probate, entertainment, family, immigration, international, labor, landlord/tenant, malpractice, military, oil & gas, patents & copyrights, personal injury, real estate, tax, internet/computer, environment, elder and securities.

SABA’s Lawyer Referral Service is limited to San Antonio Bar Association members. Attorneys who would benefit from pre-screened, referral cases should join the LRS as a member. Attorneys who apply for LRS membership must be in good standing with the State Bar of Texas, show proof of insurance, and pay the LRS membership fee.

The LRS is funded by annual member dues of $200 and by a 10 percent fee paid by the member to the LRS resulting from any fees the lawyer receives in any referred case. Once the completed application is submitted, the membership committee will review applications for approval.
Furthermore, clients who contact the LRS for a referral are informed that LRS attorneys are not free. LRS staff screen the cases, and the clients are referred to LRS attorney members on a rotation basis according to the following criteria: area of law, geographical location and language preference.

  • LRS attorneys are not obligated to accept any case referred to them by the service.

  • We benefit with more lawyers in all fields of law to handle the increasing volume of business.

    Join today, we would be pleased to refer a case to you!

    How to Join

    Join through the SABA Member Portal above or contact:

    Sylvia Hernandez
    Lawyer Referral Director
    (210) 227-8822 or (210) 227-1853.