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Members may apply to serve on up to three SABA Committees. Committee chairs are appointed by the President of the Board in August and serve for one year. The 15 Committees are working groups in service to the entire bar community. Committee service is a valuable experience for those who wish to serve in leadership roles of the San Antonio Bar Association and other service organizations.


Civil District Courts Committee

Addresses issues of concern to the judiciary and the attorneys who practice in District Court. Plans and produces the Civil District Courts Seminar.
Chair: Brad L. Sklencar
Staff Liaison: Ashley Benson

Gala & Awards Committee

Plans and promotes the SA Bar Foundation Gala activities, which include fundraising and the awards program.
Chairs: David Evans
Staff Liaison: Ashley Benson

County Courts-at-Law Committee

Promotes the performance and efficiency in both civil and criminal matters of the county court system. Plans and produces the County Courts-at-Law Seminar.
Chair: Trisha Morales Padia
Staff Liaison: Ashley Benson

Law School Liaison Committee

Serves as a liaison between SABA and Texas law schools.
Chairs: Sara Dysart
Staff Liaison: June Moynihan

Criminal District Courts Committee

Promotes the practice and education of defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges in our local criminal justice system; plans and produces the A.A. Semaan Criminal Law Institute Seminar.
Chair: Bobby Barrera
Staff Liaison: Ashley Benson

Law Week Committee

Plans and promotes Law Week activities, which include activities designed to provide civic education and celebrate the rule of law.
Chairs: Chief Judge Orlando Garcia & Jaclyn Roberson
Staff Liaison: Ashley Benson

Federal Courts Committee

Assists the federal courts in addressing the problems and challenges facing the deferral judiciary and makes recommendations for improving the federal court system.
Chair: Leslie Hyman
Staff Liaison: June Moynihan

Lawyer Referral Committee

Assists the SABA Lawyer Referral Service in improving the availability and quality of legal services offered by LRS.
Chairs: Dustin Whittenburg
Staff Liaison: Whitney Thomas

Fee Dispute Committee

Resolves fee disputes between attorneys and their present/former clients; arbitration panel consists of attorneys and members of lay public.
Chair: Gilbert Vara
Staff Liaison: Irma Gutierrez

Library Committee

Advises the Bar and Bexar County Commissioners on operation of the Bexar County Law Library.
Chairs: Justice Beth Watkins
Staff Liaison: June Moynihan

Medical/Legal Liaison Committee

Focuses on issues jointly impacting medical and legal professions; a joint commission of the SABA and Bexar County Medical Society.
Chair: Elizabeth LaBarge
Staff Liaison: June Moynihan

Program Committee

Selects speakers for Bar luncheons and other signature events.
Chairs: Jane Macon & Dawn Finlayson
Staff Liaison: June Moynihan

Membership Committee

Develop new and innovative ways to engage members and build the benefits directory.
Chair: Maribel Cordova Wasmiller
Staff Liaison: Camille Ayala

Publications Committee

Serves as the editorial board for the Bar’s bimonthly magazine, the San Antonio Lawyer™
Chairs: Sara Murray
Staff Liaison: June Moynihan

Probate Courts Committee

Addresses issues of concern to the judiciary and the attorneys who practice in Probate Court.
Chair: Patricia Rouse Vargas
Staff Liaison: June Moynihan

Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee*

Investigates complaints of practicing law without a license. *Committee established by Texas Legislature & Supreme Court of Texas
Chairs: Faye Bracey
Staff Liaison: Irma Gutierrez