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With over 20 awards from the State Bar of Texas, the quality of San Antonio Lawyer (SAL) speaks for itself. San Antonio Lawyer is the San Antonio Bar Association's official publication and written exclusively by legal professionals. Covering everything from legal psychology to the role of the law in political movements, SAL brings in-depth coverage of legal news, academic insights, attorney profiles and recent events to the legal industry. 



                                             Editor in Chief                                            
Sara Murray

Articles Editor
              Natalie Wilson               

                Managing Editor                 
Anali Barrera

Departments Editor
Leslie Sara Hyman

Editor in Chief Emeritus
Hon. Barbara Nellermoe

Board of Editors

Sara Murray, Chair
Pat H. Autry, Vice-Chair
Amy E. Bitter
Ryan V. Cox
Paul Curl
Shannon Greenan
Stephen H. Gordon
Leslie Sara Hyman
Rob Killen
Rob Loree
Harry Munsinger
Curt Moy
Hon. Barbara Nellermoe
Steve Peirce
Donald R. Philbin
Regina Stone-Harris
Etan Z. Tepperman
Natalie Wilson


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San Antonio Lawyer welcomes submissions authored by SABA members. Please contact Editor in Chief Sara Murray with questions about submitting articles:

Sara Murray
San Antonio Lawyer
Langley & Banack, Inc.
745 E. Mulberry #900
San Antonio, Texas 78212

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