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Lawyer Referral Service

LRS is a nonprofit service entity of the San Antonio Bar Association and was established in 1966. One of the most credible and unique services offered by the San Antonio Bar Association is the Lawyer Referral Service. Whether you are starting a new practice or expanding your client base, the LRS can be beneficial to you. The LRS serves the public interest by matching individuals who are able to pay normal attorney fees to the attorney they need.
This service is certified as a Lawyer Referral Service as required by the State of Texas under Chapter 952, Occupations Code.


How It Works

Public users may request an instant referral through the SABA Lawyer Referral Service webpage - Our instant referral system uses a lawyer-designed question process to match each user to an attorney in the right area of law. Attorneys are selected on a rotational basis based on the practice areas that best present your practice. The user is provided the name of one attorney in the best-fit practice area and the attorney is provided with contact details and key intake information. The public user is instructed to contact the attorney to schedule an initial consultation to discuss their legal issue.


Membership Qualifications

Attorneys who are interested in serving as a member of the Lawyer Referral Service must:

  • Membership with the San Antonio Bar Association
  • Be in good standing with the State Bar of Texas
  • Maintain a professional office in the San Antonio metropolitan area
  • Provide a professional liability policy with a minimum of $100,000/$300,000 unless you exclusively practice criminal defense
  • Agree to terms of the Lawyer Referral Services Terms of Membership
  • $200 annual dues


Don’t have insurance?

Texas Lawyer’s Insurance Exchange (TLIE) offers a discounted premium of $450 for coverage of LRS cases referred by our Lawyer Referral Service. For more information, please visit


Ready to Join?

The Lawyer Referral Service is committed to providing the public with carefully screened attorneys. To begin the process, complete a membership application. Each application will be submitted for LRS committee approval and all applicants will be required to complete an intake meeting.

Join LRS



Senior Legal Assistance Program

The Lawyer Referral Service has partnered with the Alamo Area Council of Government to provide legal services to our low-income senior population. Attorneys who participate in this program agree to provide legal services at the rate of $39.00/hour. All attorney fees are paid through grant funding. If you would like to become an attorney participant in the Senior Legal Assistance Program, please contact