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Posted on: Dec 23, 2019

The San Antonio Bar Association was founded in 1898. SABA’s history spans parts of two millennia, three centuries, and generations of lawyers. In our 122ndyear, let’s address an essential question: what is our purpose? 


A word can answer this question: that word is “Community.” At our core, SABA is a diverse community of lawyers and judges built on fellowship, common goals, and a shared passion for the legal profession. 


Let’s face it, lawyers have stressful jobs. We often meet our clients at low-points in their lives -- they may be facing criminal charges, a divorce, bankruptcy, discrimination, a life-changing injury, or an unexpected death in their family. As their counselors and representatives, we help them shoulder these challenges. Many of us take on our clients’ stress and emotional burdens as if they were our own. 


Our deep connection to our clients’ burdens can take a toll. Sadly, in 2018 survey published in the Harvard Business Journal, law ranked as the loneliest profession.


Additionally, our adversarial system does not make a lawyer’s work easier. We often face off against an opponent who is highly paid, highly trained and highly skilled – and their job is to prevent us from succeeding. Other than professional athletes, what other profession is so starkly competitive? 


Add all this up, and you can see why lawyers like us need a sense of community. When we truly get to know each other better, we treat each other better, and we take one step closer to that perfect ideal of “justice for all.” 


Through my 23 years of bar service, I have found much joy and meaning in my professional life. When we truly get to know each other, we all thrive. Our bar association provides networking opportunities, continuing legal education, mentorship, and pro bono legal services to those who cannot afford it. 


As your president, it is my mission to promote our values of community, fellowship, and helping others. I am proud to carry on the legacy of the bar leaders who have come before me. But I need your help. Whether you are a judge, an experienced lawyer, or a recent law school graduate, I would invite you to connect with SABA. Let’s all work together to keep San Antonio the finest legal community in the State of Texas.