Member Benefits

Take full advantage of San Antonio Bar Association membership!

The San Antonio Bar Association (SABA), San Antonio’s largest bar organization, shapes the local legal scene by acting as a voice for legal professionals, an educator for our community and an advocate for legal volunteers and clients alike. With a growing membership of almost 50% of local attorneys, the SABA offers unique social, networking and volunteer opportunities.

By joining, you receive:

  • Generous discounts to continuing legal education programs
  • Unique and spirited networking and professional development through festive membership events, SABA Sections and SABA Committees
  • Relevant legal news through easy access publications, e-news alerts and our specially curated news feed
  • Access to exclusive member-only services, including our Lawyer Referral Service, Membership Directory and technology assistance
  • Career/job search and practice resources
  • Volunteer-match opportunities to give back to your community through pro bono or low bono services
  • The chance to join the San Antonio Bar Foundation Fellows Program

Professional Development and Networking Opportunities

  • Sections
  • Committees
  • Annual Continuing Legal Education Seminars
  • Monthly Membership Events (most offering CLE)
  • Membership Drive Events
  • Celebration of the Profession (parties and awards)

Law Practice, Career and Profession Resources

Additional Member Benefits and Volunteer Opportunities