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Task Forces

To achieve success in short-term inquiries or projects, the Board may implement Task Forces. Different from Committees, Task Forces are devoted to a singular goal and are acting for a short time frame, often not reactivated for many years after their conclusions are presented to the Board. The President appoints a member of the Board to Chair a Task Force, which is made up of appointed members from SABA and our community at-large. At the completion of the Task Force’s project, the Chair presents its findings to the Board, which then takes appropriate action.

Active Task Forces:

Strategic Planning Task Force

Chair: Santos Vargas, President-Elect
Members: Bobby Barrera, David Evans, Christine Reinhard, Ryan Cox, Katy David, Sam Houston III, June Moynihan, Erin Boren, Shannon Kingman, Alexis De Sela.

Financial Planning Task Force

Chair: David Evans, Secretary
Members: Katy David, Jaime Vasquez, Dan Stich, June Moynihan, David Meriwether

Bar Offices Task Force

Chair: Beth Watkins, President
Members: Bobby Barrera, Sara Dysart, Henry B. Gonzalez, Phil Hardberger, Mark Sessions, Tommy Smith, June Moynihan