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SABA Listserver

The San Antonio Bar Association Listserver community is a great medium for membership to seek advice, solicit the opinions and knowledge of peers, develop relationships and participate in an ongoing conversation that not only educates but hopefully adds levity and social connection. We encourage attorneys to share best practices, inspiration, tips, ideas and support each other by becoming an integral part of this community.


SABA Sections assign group leaders to easily and quickly share information and keep their members updated on events, activities and programs. SABA members are automatically registered to their Section communities. 


Listserver Emails

Attorneys are automatically enrolled in their Section communities. Listserver Community Emails function just like regular group emails.

Start new conversation threads by emailing the email alias provided in the SABA Listserver Welcome Message. Respond to a conversation by clicking on Reply All in an email.


Listserver Online Platform

By registering to use the Listserver online platform, members can update their profiles, search the member database, view lists of fellow group members and network by privately chatting with members.


Click here to learn how to change email preferences or unsubscribe from the group email list.

Click here to read the SABA Listserver Terms of Service.