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Fee Disputes

The Fee Dispute Committee of the San Antonio Bar Association offers clients and attorneys an efficient dispute resolution. Final, binding arbitration of fee disputes transpires before a committee composed of approximately 30 professional attorneys and public members who volunteer their time and attention. Decisions by the Fee Dispute Committee promote healing and can avoid the uncertain risks of litigation or the time and emotional costs of a grievance complaint. Historically, decisions by the Fee Dispute Committee have helped parties and attorneys reach a just and peaceful closure to their fee disputes.

How It Works

  1. Complete a Fee Dispute Request Form also known as the Complaint.
  2. Mail the completed Complaint with any necessary attachments to:
    SABA Fee Dispute Coordinator
    Bexar County Courthouse
    100 Dolorosa, Suite 500
    San Antonio, TX 78205
  3. Once the Complaint has been received, the Coordinator assigns a Committee member to advise the Complainant of his/her rights under binding arbitration. This person is called an attorney-advisor.
  4. The Coordinator forwards the Complaint to the attorney and determines if he/she agrees to submit the fee dispute to binding arbitration before the Fee Dispute Committee. If the attorney agrees, and the Coordinator has all completed documentation (Complaint, attorney’s response to Complaint, and the agreement to binding arbitration signed by all parties), the Coordinator submits the Complaint and all supporting documents to the Fee Dispute Committee and sets a prompt hearing date. Live sworn testimony is permissible at the hearing. If the attorney declines, the Coordinator closes the Complaint.
  5. After examination of all witnesses, consideration of all documents tendered to the Committee, and reflection on the argument presented by the parties, the Committee deliberates, votes, and reaches a final decision on all presented issues. The decision is reduced to writing and mailed to all parties within 24 hours of the decision.
  6. The Committee’s decision is final and fully enforceable.