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SABA & SABF Award Nomination Form


Please submit one nomination form for each nominee. Nominations may be submitted online (upload supporting documents and materials in one single PDF file), mailed or delivered in person. Nominations are comprised of a completed Nomination Form and Supporting Documents.


  • A letter of nomination from nominator
  • Nominee's resume
  • 1-5 letters of recommendation
  • Supporting articles, press, awards (optional)

2019 Award Nominations are being accepted for:

  • SABA Joe Frazier Brown, Sr. Award of Excellence
  • SA Bar Foundation Peacemaker Award
  • SA Bar Foundation Carolyn Thurmond Community Service Award

San Antonio Bar Association Award

Joe Frazier Brown, Sr. Award of Excellence - In recognition of the Honorable Joe Frazier Brown, Sr., who, in addition to his tenures as 150th District Court Judge and president of the San Antonio Bar Association, mentored and influenced many attorneys throughout his distinguished career. The award recognizes an attorney who exemplifies all that is good about the legal profession. He or she should demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, exceptional skills as a counselor and advocate and such personal attributes as honor, integrity, service and intelligence. He or she should be a model of the Texas Lawyer’s Creed and an inspiration for others in serving clients and fulfilling their responsibility to the legal system. Established in 1994.

  • Download the nomination form, HERE
  • List of previous recipients, HERE

San Antonio Bar Foundation Awards

Peacemaker Award - Recognizes an individual or entity who has promoted non-violent resolutions to community conflicts. Established in 1995.

Carolyn Thurmond Community Service Award - Recognizes a lawyer who has demonstrated outstanding service to our community. Established in 1995.

  • Download the nomination form, HERE 
  • List of previous recipients, HERE

All nominations and supporting materials are due NOON, Wednesday, April 24, 2019. Recipients will be recognized at the San Antonio Bar Foundation's Gala Benefit, September 14, 2019.

SABA & SABF Award Nominations

  • If submitting nomination for a business entity or organization, leave this space blank.
  • If submitting nomination for a business entity or organization, leave this space blank.
  • One category per Nominee
  • Please upload the nominee's resume or biography and one to three letters of support as one PDF file.Accepted file types: pdf.
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