2020 Law Week


Law Day, held annually on May 1 across the nation celebrates the rule of law and underscores how law and the legal process contribute to the freedoms all Americans share. This Law Day, we promote public awareness of the importance of the rule of law and continue to work to ensure that our nation’s constitutional ideals are observed.


The American Bar Association has designated as The Law Day 2020 theme is “Your Vote, Your Voice, Our Democracy: The 19th Amendment at 100.” In 2019-2020, the United States is commemorating the centennial of the transformative constitutional amendment that guaranteed the right of citizens to vote would not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on account of sex. American women fought for, and won, the vote through their voice and action. 


In San Antonio, we celebrate Law Week with a calendar of events that include:

  • A talent pipeline program at the Young Women’s Leadership Academy to identify and encourage talented high school students to pursue the practice of law;
  • An elementary school reading program where we share a story about voting rights and how important it is to participate;
  • A high school presentation of the Texas Lawyers Auxiliary’s Now You Are 18 app;
  • A distribution of pocket constitutions to over 1000 jurors in recognition of the role all citizens play in our dispensation of justice; and
  • A luncheon dedicated to the rule of law.

For more information, download the Law Day Brochure, here



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