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Do you know what type of legal category your issue falls under?

It can be very difficult to navigate the different legal categories that an issue can fall under. So, we've complied a helpful list of questions and issues alongside their corresponding legal category. Please read through these questions to find your issue. Once you've found what legal category (panel and subpanel) that your issue falls under, click here to go back to the instant referral form.

  • Does this case involve an arrest, charge, fine or traffic violation?
    • Panel is Criminal Law
      • Subpanel are: DUI, Expungement, Felony, Juvenile, License Suspension, Misdemeanor, Pardon-Parole, Traffic Violations 
  • Does this case involve any one of the following: divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, adoption, domestic violence, child protective services (CPS), or a name change?
    • Panel is Family Law
      • Subpanel are: Adoption, Change of Name, Child Support, CPS - Child Protective Services, Custody, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Paternity, Visitation Rights
  • Does this case involve an accident or incident that caused damage to property or reputation or an injury that required medical attention? 
    • Panel is Personal Injury
      • Subpanel are: Auto Collision, Libel and Slander, Personal Injury, Product Liability, Property Damage Only, Slip and Fall, Workers Compensation (Federal Government Employee), Workers Compensation (Private Business)