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For The Public


1. Search the list of legal issues below.

2. Find the issue that best matches your situation.

3. Write down the PANEL and SUB-PANEL provided. You will need these categories to complete the form on the next page.

4. Scroll down and click "I FOUND MY ISSUE."


  I need legal assistance for long-term care planning for aging.

    WRITE DOWN: Panel: Elder Law


  I have a legal issue or contract dispute in the area of entertainment   media.

                 WRITE DOWN: Panel: Entertainment Law


  I need assistance with filing a copyright, trademark, or patent.

    WRITE DOWN: Panel: Intellectual Property


  I have a legal issue in a foreign country.

    WRITE DOWN: Panel-International Association


  I need representation in the military court system.

    WRITE DOWN: Panel: Military Law


  I have a legal dispute or contract issue involving oil and gas rights.

    WRITE DOWN: Panel-Oil and Gas


  I have a legal issue or dispute involving my stocks, bonds, or other   financial securities.

                WRITE DOWN: Panel: Securities


  I need assistance negotiating a tax debt.

    WRITE DOWN: Panel-Tax Law


  I have suffered from police brutality.

    WRITE DOWN: Panel: Civil Rights


  I have a legal issue or dispute with a school or other educational       institution.

                WRITE DOWN: Panel: Administrative Law/Sub-Panel: School Law


  I need assistance recovering government or public benefits, such as   Social Security.

               WRITE DOWN: Panel- Administrative Law/ Sub-Panel: Social Security Benefits

     I FOUND MY ISSUE                                      I DON'T SEE MY ISSUE