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Posted on: Dec 2, 2019


On Thursday, November 7 Shannon Sedgwick Davis & Laren Poole spoke to their harrowing experiences organizing efforts to deescalate and end mass atrocities in Africa and bring international war criminals to justice.

In 2010 Davis, CEO of Bridgeway Foundation, learned of a nationwide massacre in the Democratic Republic of Congo where a rebel army, led by Joseph Kony, murdered 620 civilians and abducted 160 children to serve as soldiers. Through Bridgeway, a philanthropic organization dedicated to ending world horrors like genocide, she formed an alliance that included the US Government, the United Nations, other activists and NGOs, and local community-based leaders to bring Kony to justice. From 2010 to 2017, due to various intervention programs designed to reunite child soldiers with their families, Kony’s army dwindled from a high of 3000 to 100 soldiers by 2017. 

Davis, spoke to a packed room of San Antonio Bar Association members as she chronicled her humanitarian work and recounted stories of reuniting families and loved ones. After her address, she stayed to sign copies of her memoir To Stop a Warlord; My Story of Justice, Grace, and the Fight for Peace for members of the bar.