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Posted on: Nov 4, 2019

Ethics Follies Knocks it Out of the Park with Legally Blonde Parody

This year's production of Lee Cusenbary's Ethics Follies - Illegally Blonde, featured incredible local talent from the San Antonio Legal Community teaching ethics to their peers via a parody musical. In case you couldn't have guessed it, the Illegally Blonde production satirized the film of a similar name Legally Blonde. In ACC's version, Belle Good follows her unethical, no good boyfriend to Harvard in hopes of winning him back, only to find, she really is too good for him.


The musical was on-the-nose not only in parody but in wittily shining a light on topical pain points including substance abuse, the #metoomovement and antiquated gender role stereotypes through the lens of legal ethics. Of course, all topics were addressed in entertaining musical numbers by extremely gifted singers and dancers. Highlights included an amazing rendition of Queen's "Don't Stop Me" by Grant Bryan and a charming cover of "Belle" (Beauty and the Beast)by the principal cast.


 As Ethics Follies'approaches its thirteenth year in production, a nod is owed to the impressive writing, which manages to merge parody with poignant satire year after year and still continue to teach ethics without losing its audience. 


In case you missed it this year, Ethics Follies is held annually every fall in San Antonio and offers 2-hours of MCLE ethics credit for practicing attorneys. It's a fun way to earn your CLE and enjoy a great show!