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Posted on: Sep 30, 2019

​**This newsfeed article is a combination of written copy from the publisher and author, as well as comments expressed by colleagues. 


[The Legal Aid Lawyer] entails [author] Mel Eichelbaum's memoir detailing the motivational forces and influences that steered him into the legal profession, his journey to becoming a Legal Aid lawyer and primarily covering the significant civil rights and poverty law reform cases in which he was involved.


The book details, from a personal and unique perspective, the history of the development and progress of some of the major civil rights and poverty law reform cases, several of which went all the way up to the United States Supreme Court. Not only will this book be enjoyable by attorneys and those familiar with the legal profession; but it also presents an interesting story for those who would enjoy reading about the portrayal of many connecting historical characters who played a role in San Antonio, Texas, and the nation with respect to the evolution of the continuing fight for equal justice for all. 


Mel began his practice with the Bexar County Legal Aid Association and was a member of the San Antonio Bar Association for over 40 years prior to his retirement. His book can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, via Amazon, etc.