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Posted on: May 31, 2019

District Court Judge Karen Pozza remembers when the long-time civil court administrator, Fred Soele, published the Soele Report, a monthly newsletter that listed recent civil jury verdicts including jury instructions, expert witness lists and other useful information.  Soele was the Chief Trial Assignment Clerk for 35 years and published the report beginning in the 50’s and up through the late 80’s. Lawyers relied on his report to keep up with court decisions.

The Bexar County Civil District Courts Judges, working together with the new Chief Trial Assignments Counsel, Lisa Dossmann, are reviving this practice and will publish a monthly report of all jury verdicts, the Jury Verdict Report (JVR).  A family law practitioner, Dossmann quickly learned the nuances of non-family law civil litigation.  Dossmann said, “The Court administration entertains all suggestions that foster court efficiency.  We knew this was a good idea and just needed to develop a practical way to implement it.” 

The first JVR was published May 1st.  The report includes all jury verdicts and charges.  The Judges are already working to improve the JVR by creating a table of contents with hyperlinks and perhaps including the experts utilized in each case and whether they testified at trial.  The Judges expect the JVR to improve over time, but wanted to start publishing it right away for benefit of the lawyers.  

The JVR is available as at the beginning of each month for download as a PDF file from the Bexar County website (see link at the end of this article).  A printout of the report will also be available for view at the office of the Chief Trial Assignment Clerk on the 4thfloor of the Bexar County Courthouse.

 “The May report is our first report.  This is a work in progress,” says Dossmann, “We want to provide useful information to attorneys appearing in our courts and to keep the courts running smoothly.  If members of our bar have suggestions, please reach out to any Civil District Court Judge or to me at”


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