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Posted on: Jun 29, 2021

UTSA, Bexar County foster youth project earns renewed funding from Legislature


We are proud of the impact of the San Antonio legal community in promoting accessibility to education through our court systems!

The Bexar County Fostering Educational Success Pilot Project (BCFES) has recently secured additional state funding for their pilot program- promoting success in college for students with a history of foster care. This funding will provide continued support for programs such as the College Bound Docket – a program created in partnership with the Bexar County Children’s Court.

SABA members can also support the BCFES by participating, through the Lawyer Referral Service, with the newly established grant program. Whitney Thomas, SABA Outreach Attorney, says, “We are proud to partner with the BCFES program to provide legal assistance to college students with a history of foster care at a low-bono rate. This program is a great way for our attorneys to give back in their field of practice.”

We recognize and thank the Honorable Peter Sakai and the staff of the 225th District Court for leading the way and for their dedication to the success of our community’s youth.

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