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Posted on: Mar 30, 2021


Bexar County has partnered with Tyler Technologies to commence a massive undertaking known as the Enterprise County Integrated Justice System (eCIJS) Project. The onboarding began in April 2020 and the first module, for the civil district courts, will launch in May 2021. SABA will host system demonstrations in late April.

The eCIJS Project will merge various legacy systems into a new cloud-based application called Odyssey and will allow unified court case management access to ten previously separated county departments drastically increasing the efficiency of legal employees and end-users. The Odyssey system is used by 86 Texas counties including the 20 largest.

The Odyssey implementation will allow attorneys the ability to locate and research cases online, real-time access to case, calendar and party information, file pleadings and entire cases online from remote locations.  Using the Odyssey Portal feature, an attorney will now have remote access to all court filings into cases of record, detailed case reports and the ability to generate case correspondence. Attorneys can now exchange parking fees and trips to the County Clerks office for greater efficiency and remote access from any internet-accessible device! 

To make the transition smooth and put all users on the best footing, the Bexar County eCIJS Project Team has partnered with Tyler Technologies and the San Antonio Bar Association to coordinate interactive demonstrations and presentations for the legal community.  These sessions are intended to be mutually beneficial for the project team and the legal community.  Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the Bexar County Project Team will be present to answer questions, elaborate on the case management system and enrichments and hear critiques from the community that may be able to enhance the implementation.